Tender for Supply and Installation of Photovoltaic System in Figueiras and Ribeira Alta – Santo Antão

Procurement ID:
Monday, August 24, 2015 – 12:00
The need for electrical energy in the towns of Figueiras and Ribeira Alta in Santo Antão, Municipality of Ribeira Grande, is met through mini-grids powered by diesel generators that only operate for four hours a day – from 7pm to 11pm.

The mini-grids are managed by the Municipal Chamber of Ribeira Grande and their Operation and Maintenance (O&M) consume enormous resources for the Municipal Chamber.

Mainly with the aim of reducing the O&M costs of mini-grids, as well as the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), the Municipal Council of Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão intends to hybridize the respective mini-grids by installing photovoltaic modules (“solar panels ”) associated with existing systems.

In this perspective, in partnership with the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of ECOWAS – ECREEE, UNIDO, Directorate General of Energy and the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Fund – GEF-SGP, the Ribeira Grande City Council intends to introduce photovoltaic systems, with energy storage batteries and a new operation management system. Furthermore, it also intends to implement energy efficiency measures in the respective mini-grids.

Therefore, this public tender aims to select a national company to supply and install the aforementioned photovoltaic systems in the respective communities.

The proposal must be submitted in paper format no later than 24/08/2015. For clarifications, you should send an email to the email addresses below, no later than 17-08-2015.
Mr. Jorge Pires – Ribeira Grande Santo Antão City Council
Mr. Heleno Sanches – ECREEE
Mr. Jansénio Delgado – ECREEE
Mr. Ricardo Monteiro – GEF SGP
Addresses for delivery of proposals:
Achada Santo Antonio (CNE Building)
2nd Floor, CP. 288, Praia, Cape Verde
Tel: +238 2604630, +238 2624608
Fax: +238 2624614
Email: info@ecreee.org