The Third ECOWAS Business Forum

The action plan of the 3rd ECOWAS Business Forum, held in Abidjan on 1st October 2010, calls the ECOWAS Commission to declare the decade of energy sufficiency and recommends the development of minimum renewable energy targets which ECOWAS member states should adhere to and implement.

In this regard the ECREEE has launched a stock-taking exercise of existing renewable energy targets, policies, legal and regulatory frameworks in the ECOWAS region. Moreover, ECREEE will initiate the development of an ECOWAS Regional Renewable Energy Policy which will propose feasible short-term and long-term regional RE targets for urban and rural areas in the ECOWAS region and a portfolio of policy measures, laws, regulations and incentives to be implemented on national and regional ECOWAS levels in a short-term and long-term view. In this regard a cooperation with the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme, launched at the 1st High Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership in Vienna, Austria,  is envisaged. The report and action plan of the 3rd ECOWAS Business Forum can be downloaded here.