The Government of Cabo Verde reinforces its commitment with ECREEE

On January 8, 2015 the government of Cabo Verde re-affirmed its commitment to the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), by hosting a handover ceremony of land earmarked for the construction of ECREEE’s headquarters.

The ceremony was attended by a delegation made up of H.E. Leonesa Fortes – Minister of Tourism, Investment and Entrepreneurship Development, H.E. Bangoura Morlaye – ECOWAS Commissioner for Energy and Mines, H.E. Joao Monteiro – ECOWAS Commissioner for Human Resources, Mrs. Maria Miranda – Deputy Minister, Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mahama Kappiah – Executive Director of ECREEE and Mr. Albert Boateng – Director of Human Resources, ECOWAS.

According to the Cabo Verde Tourism Minister, the ceremony was a symbolic and significant gesture, taking into consideration that it will enable and foster conditions for ECREEE’s activities. The minister stressed that the initiatives undertaken by Cabo Verde regarding the implementation of renewables, was one of the key factors that informed the decision to select Cabo Verde as the headquarters for ECREEE.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mrs. Fortes took the opportunity to mention the role of CERMI (Center of Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance), a training center built by the Government of Cabo Verde and its potential benefit to the ECOWAS region, once a solid cooperation framework is established with ECREEE.

The architectural plan of the headquarters was presented by its developer, Mr. Mauricio Santos, as a role model of a green and energy efficient building, which will be built using the principles of bioclimatic architecture and based on the principles of sustainability carried about by the Centre.