The Gambia adopts ECOWAS Approved Minimum Energy Performance Standards and train relevant public and private stakeholders on Energy Efficiency Lighting

ECREEE Banjul, The Gambia 18th March 2022 The National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC) of the Gambia – a body established to promote Quality Assurance has reviewed and adopted the ECOWAS Approved Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) on Energy Efficiency appliances at a workshop held in Banjul. The forum was organized by the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) in collaboration with UNIDO, The Gambia Standard Bureau (TGSB), and the government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MOPE). The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).  The four Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) adopted included Off-Grid and On-Grid EE lighting, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioners.

Speaking at the start of the meeting, the Acting Executive Director of ECREEE, Bah F.M. Saho noted that since its establishment, ECREEE has developed Policy instruments designed to create the enabling environment for sustainable and inclusive development, including Energy Efficiency in the ECOWAS region. Mr. Saho underscored the importance of UNIDO-GEF Project saying that it has provided another opportunity to strengthen the Energy Efficiency and the Bioenergy/WACCA Programs implemented by ECREEE in ECOWAS member countries.

Mr. Saho also reiterated his organization’s support in ensuring the harmonization and adoption of MEPS at National level in a bid to promote energy efficiency.

Also speaking at workshop, the UNIDO GEF 6 Project Coordinator, Mrs. Khadidiatou Diallo gave an overview of the entire project with emphasis on component 4. which ensures quality assurance and control for Energy Efficient Solutions via performance labelling schemes for Energy efficient appliances and quality standards for improved cook stoves.

The President of the National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC), Mr. Abdoulie Alex Bass, gave an overview of the committee and its responsibilities and urged the members to participate actively during the adoption process. A Senior Standards Officer from The Gambia Standards Bureau, Amadou G. Jallow welcomed participants and thanked partners for their continuous support during the implementation of the project.

In a related development, ECREEE in collaboration with the UNIDO-GEF project trained a group of 66 stakeholders in the area of Energy Efficiency lighting at a one-day awareness creation in Banjul. The training covered areas such as: Energy consumption statistics, Lighting sources and fixtures, Lighting design specifications, Lighting levels, quality, Lighting design software, and Lighting studies, MEPS Economic analysis tools, MEPS and labels – Gambia Lighting Laboratory.

In his keynote address at the start of the training, ECREEE boss Bah F.M. Saho thanked UNIDO and GEF for the continued collaboration and support, as well as the government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for the continued cooperation with ECREEE in advancing Energy Efficiency activities in the country.

The UNIDO Project Coordinator, Mrs. Diallo described the training as a milestone for the Gambia’s industrial sector noting that in order to increase confidence in the performance of selected electrical appliances, the project will adapt existing appliance performance labelling schemes from the ECOWAS region and introduce it to The Gambian market focusing on the most commonly used appliances. she said that over the years, UNIDO has supported ECOWAS countries in promoting the adoption of sustainable energy policies, technologies and solutions.

In her opening statement, the Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Mrs. Oulaye Camara also underscored the importance of the training noting that it was designed to build the capacities of stakeholders and technicians on MEPS and Energy Efficiency matters. She expressed her gratitude to ECREEE as well as UNIDO/GEF for their financial and technical support towards the implementation of the project. Mrs. Camara urged the participants to take the training seriously and utilized the skills acquired judiciously in their daily operations. Mrs. Camara noted that the Gambia Government in collaboration with partners deem it necessary to include a component which focuses on quality assurance for improved cookstoves and energy efficient lighting. The two events were attended by 81 participants.