ECREEE Organizational Structure

ECOWAS-Donors Consultation Committee of ECREEE

The Committee is comprised of ECREEE’s core technical and financial partners, and chaired by the Hon. Commissioner for Energy, Infrastructure, and Digitalization (EID) of the ECOWAS Commission. The Committee is responsible for overseeing ECREEE’s activities and performance, which includes reviewing ECREEE’s budget and implementation status. Additionally, the Committee provides advice to the ECOWAS President on matters related to ECREEE.

National Focal Institutions (NFIs)

ECREEE has established National Focal Institutions (NFIs) in each ECOWAS Member State to enhance coordination and communication with regional and national stakeholders. This initiative aims to amplify the impact and effectiveness of ECREEE’s programs and projects. Additionally, ECREEE collaborates with country-specific experts, including those specialized in data, gender, and bioenergy, fostering a targeted and strategic approach to its activities in the various member countries.


According to regulation PC/REX.5/06/2020 on the Organization and Functioning of ECREEE, the daily operations are overseen by the Executive Director, who directly reports to the Hon. Commissioner for Energy, Infrastructure, and Digitalization (EID) at the ECOWAS Commission. The Executive Director is further supported by two Directorates: Administration Finance and ICT, and RE&EE Project Development & Resource Mobilization, as illustrated in the organizational chart below.

ECREEE’s Organization Chart: