ECREEE was nominated as one of the International Founding Members of the Coalition for Public Support at the IRENA assembly on 19th January in Abu Dhabi, to discuss how to tackle these increasing concerns and negative campaigns about renewable energy. The workshop was attended by 40 leading renewable energy advocates from companies, industry associations and civil society organisations.

The Coalition’s 36 founding members include diverse stakeholder groups from different countries, including utility companies, renewable energy manufacturers, industry association and civil society organisations, all sharing the common aspiration of building a sustainable energy future. This global, multi-stakeholder approach ensures extensive evidence and balanced arguments, providing a solid foundation to address legitimate public questions and concerns about renewable energy technologies.

It will help maximise the impact of rational arguments by building consistent approaches through a network of renewable energy communicators. This should identify the best communication strategies to communicate with the media, opinion makers and the general public, while compiling and utilising a pool of irrefutable scientific evidence, and avoiding inconsistent messages and overly emotional, unbalanced arguments. The Coalition will also help the advocates to share limited resources, leverage existing channels with local media and opinion makers and adapt materials in the local context.

Coalition for Action member organisations has made the following commitments to the public: to support energy transition by promoting the sustainable use of renewable energy technologies; to make a compelling case for renewable energy by collectively compiling the latest knowledge and examples; to communicate renewable energy with the public through clear, truthful messages, in a manner that is both harmonised and targeted; to commit to addressing public concerns over renewable energy technologies by applying best practices and engaging concerned parties and share evidence, communications material, ideas and contacts with fellow Coalition members to strengthen the cases and support for renewable energy.