ECOWAS Training announcement: incorporating gender-sensitivity in energy practices

CTCN/ECOWAS are dedicated to mainstream gender in the development of a climate-resilient energy system in West-Africa. In this context, Partners for Innovation and MDF will be providing trainings to government and non-government organisations active in the West-African energy domain. These trainings will take place in mid-february.
NGOs that are working on the energy-gender nexus in ECOWAS countries, have gender training capacities and are interested to become a replicator organisation can apply for a “train-the-trainer” session. These NGOs will be trained to help other organizations in the energy sector (public or private) to implement gender-sensitivity in their daily work. There will be no attendance fee for the NGOs and all costs (flight and accommodation) will be paid.
If you are an NGO (or training institute) interested to participate in the training, please send an email to Francisca van Dusseldorp ( latest Friday December 1st. If you are a project developer with ideas on what is needed to mainstream gender in the energy sector and would like to provide input for the training, you are also invited to send an email.