Following the Austrian World Summit, on June 20th in Vienna, ECREEE signed a high-level partnership with R20, in order to better carry out the value chain of identification, development and financing of sub-national green infrastructure projects. After the signing, these partners were received by the R20 Founding Chair, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who personally thanked them for their contribution to furthering the mission.

Mais um Ano Recorde para as Energias Renováveis: Maior capacidade de energia renovável por menos dinheiro

Recorde de 161 GW de capacidade adicional instalada, por menos 23% de investimento (241.6 mil milhões de dólares) 

Hoje, a REN21 publica o seu Relatório da Situação Global das Energias Renováveis 2017, que fornece o panorama anual mais abrangente do ponto de situação das energias renováveis.

ECOWAS meeting to validate the regional directive on gender and energy

From 26 to 28 June 2017, representatives of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will meet in Accra, Ghana, at the Kempinski Hotel, to review and deliberate on the draft Directive on gender assessment in energy projects, at a regional workshop organized by the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE).

Access Power launches 2017 Access Co-Development Facility (ACF) competition with the Support of Power Africa

Submission window opens as African renewable energy projects compete for a share of US$7million

Access Power, a developer, owner and operator of power projects in emerging markets and a Power Africa partner, today announced the launch of ACF 2017, the third edition of the highly successful funding and support platform for renewable energy projects in Africa. The official opening of the submissions process was announced today at the Power Africa Annual Partners Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Enhancing Capacities of Utilities in the ECOWAS region

An increasing number of utilities in the ECOWAS region are facing the situation that a growing number of small, medium and utility scale systems with variable renewable energy (vRE) generation from wind or solar PV are either being developed or in the pipeline. Thanks to the declining cost of RE Technologies, especially Solar PV, vRE based power generation is becoming cost competitive when compared to conventional generation and therefore an increasing number of project are being considered in the region.


The Clean Energy Summit Africa was held in Accra, Ghana, from 4 – 5 April 2017. Now an annual event, this is the third consecutive time it has been held in Accra, Ghana, with the objective to create a platform for project developers (both small and large) to meet and create new businesses in the clean energy sector.

III Missão Empresarial Alemã de Energia a Cabo Verde (Santiago) com o tema “Gestão de Redes e Diversificação de Armazenamento em Cabo Verde”

Cabo Verde depende principalmente de fontes de energia primária, enquanto a maior parte da energia elétrica é gerada a partir de combustíveis fósseis. Os preços elevados de eletricidade que resultam dos custos de importação de combustíveis fósseis, têm um impacto negativo na situação económica geral do arquipélago. Por conseguinte, os investimentos numa produção eficiente de energia a partir de fontes renováveis deverão gerir resultados positivos e reduzir, ao mesmo tempo, a vulnerabilidade do país perante um aumento de preços dos combustíveis fósseis.