EPASES - ECOWAS Programme on Access to Sustainable Electricity Services


Most Rural communities in West Africa do not have access to electricity. To tackle this issue, the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Policy EREP, set the goal to increase the share of the rural population served by decentralized renewable electricity services to 22% by 2020 and 25% by 2030. However, the majority of ECOWAS Member States face huge challenges to achieve these goals.
Isolated mini-grid solutions are required in many ECOWAS countries which have limited national grid access in the rural areas as stepping stones to grid-based access. Worldwide, the IEA’s World Energy Outlook has projected that about 60% of households not connected to grid at present would obtain electricity through isolated systems. The ECOWAS Renewable Energy Policy suggests that 128.000 mini-grids will be needed in the region to achieve the regional targets.
Since its establishment, ECREEE has conducted several rural electrification activities and in 2014 defined a rural electrification strategy to implement the ECOWAS Programme on Access to Sustainable Electricity Services (EPASES) 2015- 2020.
Programme Contacts

Nicola Bugatti

Programme Officer

E-mail:   nbugatti[@]ecreee.org

Yuri Lima Handem

Programme Officer

E-mail:   yhandem[@]ecreee.org