ECOWAS workshop on policy and regulation for clean energy mini-grids and on the Renewable Energy Tariff Toolbox - Presentations

The workshop was targeted to renewable energy experts, policy makers, regulators, project promoters and investors of all ECOWAS Member States and beyond. It was also aligned with one of the objectives of the ECOWAS program on Access to Sustainable Electricity Services (EPASES), which is to overcome the constraints to the achievement of the off-grid component of rural electrification, limiting the capacity of Member States to expand electricity access to remote rural areas.

The following are some of the presentations delivered during the workshop. 


Main aspects of CEMG policy and regulatory framework

Status and Perspectives of CEMG initiative for promotion of investment


Energy and Electricity Policy

Customer Protection and Environmental Policy and Regulation for CEMG

Application of the MYTO model and metering code for mini-grids

Experience of Liberia in Setting up the Rural Energy Strategy and Master Plan 2015 – 2030

Mini-Grids Regulations in Ghana


Study on the current status of CEMGs in the ECOWAS region

Fiscal Policy and Financial Support Schemes for CEMG

Introduction to Technical, Economic and Socio-economic aspects of CEMG

Energy and Electricity Law, Tariff Policy and Regulation for CEMG

Rural Electrification in Peru

Expérience du Sénégal sur les Concessions d’Electrification Rurale

Mali mini-réseaux Energie

Case Study Rwanda

Présentation FDE

REMU Profitability Strategies


Boîte à outils pour la conception de Tarifs Energie Renouvelable dans les pays de l’Afrique de l’Ouest

Toolbox for Renewable Energy Tariff Design in West African Countries

Next steps