ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Week - Presentations

SESSION 1 – Establishment of a Sustainable Regional Power Market

ECOWAS commitment to competitive regional power market - Bayaornibe J.A. Dabire, ECOWAS Commission

Rules and procedures for regional power tradeHonoré Bogler, Chairman, ERERA

ECOWAS Electricity Generation and Transmission Master Plan and WAPP project pipeline - Siengui Apollinaire Ki, Secretary General, WAPP

The renewable energy and energy efficiency market in West Africa - Mahama Kappiah, Executive Director, ECREEE

SESSION 3 – Action agendas and IP advancements by ECOWAS Member States

Presentation of the ECOWAS SE4ALL Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus – Nathalie Weisman

Presentation of Action agendas and IP advancements by National Directors for Energy:

  • BeninSakariyou Mahman, Director for Energy
  • Burkina Faso - Mamadou Ouedraogo, SE4ALL NFP
  • Cabo Verde - Mario Oliveira, representative of Director for Energy
  • Cote D’Ivoire - KOUHIE Guéi Guillaume F. , DGE., Représentant du Point Focal National ECREEE 
  • The Gambia - Dembah S. Bah, Director for Energy

SESSION 4- Sharing experiences in the promotion of private investment in clean energy mini-grids

Status and perspectives of clean energy mini-grids in West AfricaNicola Bugatti, ECREEE

Forthcoming ECREEE’s initiatives on access to sustainable electricity servicesNicola Bugatti. ECREEE

SESSION 5 – Action agendas and IP advancements by ECOWAS Member States

Presentation of Action agendas and IP advancements by National Directors for Energy

  • Ghana - Gifty Delali Tetty, Deputy Director Bioenergy
  • Guinea - Alpa Ibrahima Diallo, Director for Energy
  • Guinea-Bissau - William Pereira De Pina Araujo, representative of Director for Energy
  • Liberia - Sylvester Massaquoi, representative of Director for Energy
  • Mali - Adama Yoro Sidibe, representative of Director for Energy

SESSION 6 - Supporting the implementation of the IP Moderator: Albert Boateng, CTI-PFAN

IRENA Support ToolsSafiatou Alzou​ma, IRENA

Initiative and financing tools toward rural electrification based on off grid/mini grid solutions Momar Sow, Islamic Development Bank

SESSION 7- Accelerating Implementation of Low Carbon Climate Resilient Projects in ECOWAS Member States

Overview of Target and Measures for the Energy Sector in NDCs from the ECOWASAdeola Adebiyi, ECREEE

GCF Remotely - Stephanie Capdeville, GCF regional Advisor for Africa

NDC Leadership Compact ProgramVictoria Healey NREL/CESC

The concepts of MRV and transparency - Andrea Camponogara, UNFCCC

Status of MRV systems in the ECOWAS region - Hugo Lucas, Factor

Results of the GIS Hydropower potential mapping and climate change prospects - Hannes Bauer, ECREEE

SESSION 8-The acceleration of the grid connected renewable energy market in West Africa

The operationalization of the distributed generation framework in Cabo VerdeMario Oliveira, Ministry of Economy and Employment, Cabo Verde

ECREEE/ GIZ Technical Assistance Facility for Grid-Connected RE ProjectsMohamed Youba Sokona, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Launch of the development of and training on a toolbox for renewable energy tariff design in West Africa – Benjamin Attigah - EUEI Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF), Mahama Kappiah - ECREEE

SESSION 9 – West Africa Clean Energy Corridor (WACEC)

West Africa Clean Energy CorridorNicola Bugatti, ECREEE

Africa Clean Energy Corridor and foreseen support to WACEC - Safiatou Alzouma, IRENA

Development of a WACEC solar corridor support program Martin Ehrlich, EU TAF Key-expert

SESSION 10 – Action agendas and IP advancements by ECOWAS Member States

Presentation of Action agendas and IP advancements by National Directors for Energy:

  • Niger - Issa Maidagi, Director for Energy
  • Nigeria - Abayomi Adebisi - Director, Renewable Energy & Rural Power Access
  • Senegal - Ibrahima Niane, Director for Energy
  • Sierra Leone - Benjamin Kamara, Director for Energy
  • Togo - Hodabalo Assih, representative of Director for Energy

Smart village initiative - Stephanie Hirmer, Smart Villages Initiatives

Access Global Network at the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Week - Faustina Boakye, Africa Co-Chair, West Africa

SESSION 11 - Regional Energy Efficiency initiatives

Consolidated Energy Efficiency National Action Plans and Energy efficiency initiatives in the ECOWAS region- Ibrahim Soumaila, ECREEE

Reduction Losses in the interconnected system: case studiesHonoré Sanou, WAPP

Role of Solar Water heating in increasing power reserves in National GridsHannes Bauer, ECREEE

Role of national regulators to promote energy efficiency – Energy Commission, Ghana Launch ECREEE/NREL collaboration to promote an energy audit market in the ECOWAS Region – Victoria Healey - NREL, Mahama Kappiah – ECREEE

Regional Bioenergy Policy to achieve the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy GoalsBah Saho, ECREEE

SESSION 12 - Status and perspective of the Regional electricity market development

Regulatory Developments and perspectives - Yawovi Negbegble, ERERA

WAPP interconnected network development and synchronizationHonoré Sanou, WAPP