Disclosure Policy

The Disclosure Policy defines ECREEE policy on disclosure of information and describes the materials available to the public under that policy.


ROGEP Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Strategy

Environmental and Social Risk Management Strategy (February 2019) was prepared jointly by BOAD and ECREEE. The Strategy is an important element of the overall strategy of ROGEP in creating access to energy in the region. The implementation of ROGEP will be done in such so as not to pose any risks to the environment and the society that is expected to benefit. The Strategy, and its supporting budget, focuses on identification, avoidance and mitigation of the risks associated with the operations of the project and the businesses along the value chain, including the end users. ECREEE will be mostly responsible for the implementation of the Strategy with support and participation from BOAD.



ESRM Sector Guide on Off Grid Standalone Solar for Financial Service Providers

Lending to solar companies will require participating commercial financial institutions who will lend to solar companies to put in place and implement E&S screening and monitoring procedures commensurate to the scope and nature of E&S risks and impacts to ensure that solar companies adequately manage relevant risks and impacts at their level – such as OHS and labor issues related to their own workforce - and as part of their interactions with customers during and after equipment installation process. This ESRM Sector Guide for Off-Grid Solar that will be required for use by ECREEE when extending grant funding to solar businesses and will be mandatory for application as part of the grant agreements.


Grievance Redress Mechanism

ECREEE will endeavor to address all complaints in relation to ROGEP which causes for grievance, for whatever reason, in a reasonable time and manner. ECREEE realizes that quick and effective handling and resolution of stakeholders’ complaints is essential to improving the project and its objectives. To achieve this, ECREEE has a clearly documented a policy for redressal of stakeholder grievances. Through this policy, ECREEE shall ensure that a suitable mechanism exists for receiving and addressing complaints from stakeholders with specific emphasis on resolving such complaints fairly and expeditiously.