GEF-CV Project Components

GEF Components

Component I

Activity 1.1.1 

Definition of detailed agreements on demonstration projects with partners: ECREEE and the project promoters will agree on the detailed modalities to implement the co-funded demonstration projects in form of project documents. The project documents will include detailed work plans, financing plans, time schedules and TORs for the procurement of the equipment. Based on the project documents ECREEE will sign contracts with the promoters. The contracts will include detailed payment schedules and foresee the participation of ECREEE in the procurement committee and the monitoring of the projects. Before signing contracts ECREEE will seek approval from the responsible UNIDO project manager. The results of procurements are subject to approval by the UNIDO project manager.

Activity 1.1.2

Based on the agreed project documents and signed contracts with the project promoters, ECREEE will co-fund the selected projects in accordance with the agreed payment schedules. In 2013 ECREEE will implement and monitor the following projects (see project lists and feasibility studies in the GEF project document):

  1. Bundled Solar Thermal Project for the Hospitals in Sal, Mindelo and Praia
  2. Hybrid System for Carriçal in S. Nicolau
  3. Hybrid System for Irrigation - Praia Branca, S. Nicolau

In the event that the promoters of the project as in the approved GEF project document are not able to mobilise the required co-finance, a public tender will be floated to fill in the allocation. ECREEE will closely liaise with UNIDO on the process of floating the public tender.

Activity 1.1.3

Monitoring & Evaluation of demonstration projects: For each of the projects ECREEE will meet with the project promoters regularly to monitor the progress; the project promoters have to provide regular progress reports to ECREEE.

Activity 1.2.3

Provision of technical assistance for project development and/or implementation. ECREEE will implement the following EREF projects:

  1. CV12 - Installation of solar thermal system at the Hotel Tropico ??
  2. CV7 - Wind measurements and feasibility study on a wind power desalination project in Sao Nicolao??

Component II

Activity 2.1.1

ECREEE will identify potential investment opportunities in RE projects and businesses in each economic sector to be included in the investment/business strategy/plan; gathering of basic project data (e.g. GIS coordinates, kind of technology)

Activity 2.1.2

A consultation meeting on opportunities of RE investments and business in CV will be organized back to back to the workshop to validate the revised renewable energy law under Component III (see activity 3.1.1);

Activity 2.1.3

Selection and Preparation of prefeasibility studies and costs of the identified and selected priority investments;

Activity 2.1.5

Based on the undertaken assessment and workshop ECREEE will prepare a full national investment and business plan including a project pipeline (e.g.  mini-grids, stand alone systems, manufacturing) with basic technical and financial data as well as GIS information on the locations; ECREEE will prepare TORs for a consultant and launch a call for applicants.

Component III

Activity 3.1.1

Review of current RE regulation and identification of gaps concerning the promotion of small and medium scale renewable energy solutions (e.g. on-grid and off-grid); ECREEE will develop the TORs and launch a call for applicants for an international consultant; The consultant will amend the law and prepare detailed guidelines and templates to implement the law in practice in cooperation with the utility, regulator, ministry and other important stakeholders (e.g. net-metering); 

Activity 3.1.2

Stakeholders consultation workshop: ECREEE will organize a workshop to validate the law; back to back to the workshop under output 2.1.  

Component IV

Activity 4.2.2

During the project period ECREEE will undertake the following awareness raising activities:

  1. Execution of School Awareness Campaign on Renewable Energies
  2. Co-funding of the National Renewable Energy Price

Preparation of a Green Energy Tourist Guide and launch of tours 

Activity 4.3.3

Execution training program for decision makers: During the project period ECREEE will organize the following trainings:

  1. HOMER/RETScreen training for project developers
  2. Workshop on hybrid systems for rural electrification
  3. Training on on-grid and off-grid Wind Power Project Development
  4. Establishment of a certified sustainable energy training program in cooperation with the Columbia University and the University in Mindelo, Sao Vicente.

Component V

Activity 5.1.9

Day to day coordination, management and monitoring of all project activities.

During the project period of one year (12 months) – Year 2 or Phase 2 of the project, the contractor, namely ECREEE, will execute the activities in alignment with the GEF project document and as indicated in the work plan below: