ECOW-GEN Network

The Network aims to foster a cohesive and coordinated regional approach to gender-responsive sustainable energy development in the West African region.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. By collaborating with existing networks on gender and energy, provide a platform for information exchange and knowledge transfer on best practices on gender mainstreaming in energy access
  2. Identify opportunities for intra-country and inter-country collaboration
  3. Raise awareness and advocacy for gender mainstreaming in energy access
  4. Build capacity of policy makers, project promoters and the civil society on gender and sustainable energy

WHO should join the ECOW-GEN Network?

The network is open to individuals and institutions (governmental, inter-governmental, non-governmental organizations, civil societies, academic, etc.) working on, or interested in, gender and/or energy within the West African region.

WHY join the ECOW-GEN Network?

The network was established by ECREEE, an ECOWAS agency charged with the responsibility of creating enabling frameworks for sustainable energy development through the elaboration of gender-sensitive policies and action plans.  As a member, you have the privilege of contributing, through peer review, towards the elaboration of our regional policies and action plans.

HOW to join?

To add your voice in promoting gender equality in energy access and to make a difference in West Africa, join our fast growing network by completing our membership form below

Membership Form